Creative / Conceptualist

Renaissance girl with a knack for concepts and resonating creative ideas. A daily routine made of yoga, art shows, film festivals, and tons of serendipitous research. The strongest messages are not made of words.

Alice Jasmine Crippa
Mobile: +13124042037
Email: alice.jasmine@gmail.com
Resume 2017

Awards @Cannes Lions 2017
Bronze Lion | ENTERTAINMENT | Travel agency for the Imagination – Radio Flyer
Bronze Lion | RADIO | Stinky Broccoli Forest – Radio Flyer
Bronze Lion | RADIO | Cotton Candy Swamp – Radio Flyer

Awards @Cannes Lions 2015
Bronze Lion | PROMO&ACTIVATION | Samsung Smart Play-Board

Awards @ANDYs 2015
Silver | RESET/Innovation | Samsung Smart Bike

Awards @Cannes Lions 2014
Gold Lion | PR | Samsung Maestros Academy
Shortlisted | INNOVATION | Samsung Smart Bike
Bronze Lion | DIRECT | Samsung Maestros Academy
Bronze Lion | PROMO&ACTIVATION | Samsung Maestros Academy

My first golden baby, 2014


Happiness @ Cannes