Creative Copywriter + Creative Technologist.

Creative advertising copywriter, craftswoman and small-businesses trouble-shooter, always eager for new experiences, especially when they come with a chance to discover a new timezone, culture and habits.

Happiness is when life and work feel like swimming in frozen waters: breathtaking, challenging, memorable.

I love making ideas happen, even when it means visiting a DIY shop several times before a single client presentation or learning how to code.

Alice Jasmine Crippa
Mobile: +393884408534
Email: alice.jasmine@gmail.com

Awards @Cannes Lions 2015
Bronze Lion | PROMO&ACTIVATION | Samsung Smart Play-Board

Awards @Cannes Lions 2014
Gold Lion | PR | Samsung Maestros Academy
Shortlisted | INNOVATION | Samsung Smart Bike
Bronze Lion | DIRECT | Samsung Maestros Academy
Bronze Lion | PROMO&ACTIVATION | Samsung Maestros Academy

Awards @ANDYs 2015
Silver | RESET/Innovation | Samsung Smart Bike

My first golden baby, 2014


Happiness @ Cannes