Futurizzonti and Shit-surfing

Issue: finding a job is getting more and more difficult. Keeping up the enthusiasm and the quality of the creativity, even more.

Idea: introducing a new academic discipline at Politecnico di Milano: Shit-surfing – surfing on waves of shit. In other terms, learning how to foster creativity in difficult times.

Execution: “Futurizzonti” (future scenarios). A 1-day festival with un-kosher workshops working on creative contamination among the Arts, such as Design, Architecture, Advertising, Music, Poetry.
Solving personal and creative problems by adopting the perspective of a different creative discipline.
  • Team: Laboratorio Miniera, Franco Mussida and CPM institute, Pasquale Barbella, Franco Moretti, Alessandro D'Alatri, Vicky Gitto, Francesco Guerrera, Pietro Maestri, Fabrizio Russo, Marco Maiocchi, Sandra Mazzucchelli, Jaspers Band