Samsung Smart Play-Board


The Italian educational system caters the same teaching style to millions of children, “flattening” individual dispositions instead of supporting them as much as possible. Meanwhile, the most advanced educational theories – such as the Multiple-Intelligence one – point out that each child should be taught differently, in order to develop her own full potential.

Samsung Smart Play-Board, the first smart-tool for recognizing and developing the unique potential of every child.
As a child plays with the device, the technological heart of the Play-Board tracks her interactions, sending valuable data to a designated Samsung smartphone app. This way, teachers and parents can discover and support each child’s stronger skills and dispositions, by designing educational activities built upon measurable, specific individual needs.

The Department of Humanities at Macerata University – a leading worldwide center for Cognition and Education studies – has reviewed and endorsed the project, starting a beta-testing phase in Italian pre-schools. This open-research project will end up developing further generations of Samsung Play-Boards.

  • Agency: Leo Burnett Milan
  • Art Director: Andrea Muccioli
  • Creative Technologist: Alice Crippa
  • Film Director: Davide Enrico Agosta